KAYAKU RECORD is always interested in a new sound.

Please let us listen to your important music.
Please send KAYAKU Soundcloud DropBox the digital music file.
We do not intend to receive the file sent from yousendit, megaupload, and rapidshare, etc.
Please send the sound source by the WAVEfile form.
Please stop mp3.

Please agree to five points of the following as a prior confirmation matter.

1.Thing to which KAYAKU RECORD entire staff listens when sound source is confirmed
2.Thing with possibility of allowing DJ of KAYAKU RECORD to actually use sound source with CLUB etc. as reference
3.Thing that it takes some time to reply
4.Thing that answer and demonstration do not send back for no adoption sound source
5.Thing judged for the above-mentioned four points to be agreed when sound source is sent

Please acknowledge the above-mentioned five points.

We are looking forward to the receipt of your music.